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Learn not to give a fuck, you will be happier.
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Photo 22 Jul 64,034 notes This is me when I’ve fallen for someone

This is me when I’ve fallen for someone

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A few pictures from Farnborough Airshow today

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ananı avradını ya :(
khalesi’nin kankası



ananı avradını ya :(

khalesi’nin kankası


Photo 19 Jul In the car

In the car

Text 17 Jul There’s a thunderstorm coming…
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If you look at the fact that you have a roof over your head, food to eat, that you are young and beautiful and live in a peaceful land, then no, you have nothing to be sad about. But the fact is, we are not only a physical body, we have souls too, and sometimes our souls get sick. If you break a leg you don’t just say ‘I have no reason to have a broken leg’ and ignore it; you seek help. It’s the same when your soul gets hurt. Don’t apologize for being sad.
— My doctor when I told her I had no reason to be sad (via jessicapshaw)

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Text 17 Jul 2 notes Can you just go somewhere and talk to people without them judging you?
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Currently feeling awful after letting someone know that after 3 months of seeing her and dating that I don’t feel a spark between us. I hope she’s ok.

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