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It takes more than that…

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i fucking hate how i get attached so easily like i don’t understand. i meet someone new, find interest and BAM it’s like i can’t stop thinking about it. this needs to fucking stop

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Foggy Britain, from 1928 to 1952. (x)

Click on the pictures for location information.

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i’ve been so horny but my laziness is so powerful

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This was me today

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  • 2000 R34 GT-R V-Spec
  • 5,080,000 yen approx. $49,882.17 USD
  • 38,280KM/23,786.1miles
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Learn not to give a fuck, you will be happier.
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Photo 22 Jul 66,849 notes This is me when I’ve fallen for someone

This is me when I’ve fallen for someone

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A few pictures from Farnborough Airshow today

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